Johnny Paul's Music Shop - Privacy Policy

Effective March 1, 2009

We are absolutely committed to maintaining your privacy to the fullest extent possible. If we need any of your private information, we promise to protect it while we have it.

We never share your information with anyone. The only exceptions we make are: 

    1. if we have to turn your rental account over to the collection agency for non-payment, or 
    2. if you steal from us and we have to turn you in to law enforcement.

Any of your information that we must keep, we keep under lock and key in a highly secure and hidden location. We protect that information as if it were our own. When we no longer need that information, we make sure it is shredded into tiny bits, completely destroyed.

Our store is complete with security cameras, alarms, armed & trained personnel, and dogs to help let us know that someone is lurking around who doesn’t need to be.

In other words, we will protect your information to the very best of our ability, as if that information were our very own.

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