About Johnny Paul's Music Shop


For many musicians in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex, Johnny Paul was their go-to guy for the finest repair anywhere.  When they would travel, they always came back to Wiese Music Bandstand, where he worked back in the repair shop, to get their precious instruments fixed.  There are many legends about dropping by the store late at night on East Lancaster in Fort Worth and breathing a sigh of relief because the lights were still on, which meant that Johnny Paul was still there working.

We carry on that tradition, and still work late at night sometimes, but usually only during the busy summer season.

We have grown since Johnny and Jeanan started the store in their garage in January of 2003.  From rental instruments to repairs to outfitting new school facilities, we now carry the best brands available in the world.

Our repair shop is still very busy, and you don’t have to worry about us trying to talk you into a repair that is not necessary.  We really don’t have time to do any unnecessary work.  But the work you need, you can expect to be done in a timely fashion and be the very best quality we can do.

Reputation is everything to us.  We know you could choose from several stores to do business with.  We always appreciate your business and your recommendations.  We don’t do much advertising, depending on word-of-mouth.  We depend on our great customers to let others know just how good we are.  Thank you.

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